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Holy angels are on the track of every one of us. Review and Herald, June 30, 1896.

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2004 General Conference
Year of World Evangelism

Ellen White's Book PrayerEvangelism
Ellen G. White

Presenting God’s last warning message to a doomed world is the "highest, greatest work" ever given to human beings. This comprehensive handbook on evangelism shows how appropriate strategies and personal preparation of both head and heart empower the Christian to lead people to accept Christ and prepare for His soon return.

Evangelism (Ev) covers planning, organizing, and conducting public evangelistic campaigns; how to present distinctive truths and oppose popular errors; the role of music; medical evangelism; reaching special classes of people; holding new converts; working the cities; and personal witnessing.

Jesus said, "Go and teach all nations." His followers obeyed, and "returned with joy." The guiding principles and detail advice in this volume will enable the reader to avoid many pitfalls and succeed in the joyful work of soul wining.

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Asking to Give

Ellen White's Message of the Month "In order to strengthen our confidence in God, Christ teaches us to address Him by a new name, a name entwined with the dearest associations of the human heart. He gives us the privilege of calling the infinite God our Father. Read more...
By Ellen White

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